Pay Attention

My son was discouraged at the end of the day because he wasn’t doing well at something. I had to remind him that he wasn’t doing well because he wasn’t focused on it.  It wasn’t difficult to ramble off a list of activities that he was good at to prove the point that he does very well at the things he focuses on.  I have found that to be true for me.

Spinning Plates

I think about an entertainer I saw as a child who had a row of 5 foot tall dowel sticks and at the top of each dowel stick he would place a white dinner plate and spin it.  While a plate was spinning he would go to the next dowel and spin a plate on it and then the next and the next.  Eventually the first plate he began spinning would lose its spinning speed and start to wobble so he would have to go back to that first plate and start to spin it again, and then he would resume placing plates on the other dowels with the goal of getting a plate on each dowel like so:

Spinning Plates

The entertainer had to pay attention to the spinning plates because if any lost too much spinning speed they were at risk of falling off the stick and smashing on the floor.

My Plates

If I look at the areas I want to focus on right now, and if they were like spinning plates, there are only two spinning plates — decluttering and health.

Maybe I will add another plate like focusing on my finances but I don’t have that plate and stick yet.  I am only spinning health and decluttering at this time.  Already I noticed that my health plate is starting to wobble.  I have been eating junk and so the weight that I lost during my cleanse is starting to creep back on and I am starting to wobble.


The Great Explore

Looking Back

Today I looked around my new site, but first I want to document how I got the site up since I am from another century and this technology does not come naturally to me.  I may want to have another site but there is no way I will remember how I did this one.  So this is how I did it in 2017 (but knowing technology, it will all be different in a couple of months):

  1. Set up a new e-mail so that I can keep all e-mails concerning this blog in one place;
  2. Access;
  3. Select “Create a Site”; and
  4. Follow prompts to set up a new site (insert e-mail address, name of website and pay fee).

Being so easy I am certain to forget — but now I have a 4-step process and a link.  I am glad that I bookmarked both my e-mail address and my WordPress login in the bookmark bar yesterday because I know I would have been lost how to get back here.

Taking Care of Business

The first actions I took after logging in to Word Press was to select “My Site” in the upper left hand corner and also select “Settings” at the bottom of the left hand column.  I was able to give my site a site title and a tagline.  I selected the site title “The Warehouse” because this is the blog that is going to house the trials and errors of my new journeys.

I checked out each option on the left hand column to see what was available to me.  When I got to the media line I realized that I had the ability to upload a picture.  So just for fun I uploaded a picture that was on my desktop and now I can insert it into my blog right here below:

Glacier Crossing
Crossing over to Blogging

I like this blogging so far and I am certain there are a lot more features that I may never know because I don’t know they are there or what they can do.

Looking Forward

After saving this blog I will try to access my blog through a search engine to see what the public sees.

This seems to be easy to do and does not require high technology skills especially for the not so techie like me.

On to the next new journey which begins tomorrow morning.

The Start

Exciting!  This is a perfect time to start a blog because it is spring and for me that means new!  I have never blogged before so I don’t know how this will go.  It could be a burden or my new addiction.  Whichever way this goes doesn’t matter right now because I am excited about this new adventure at this moment.

I have several reasons for starting this blog which are:

  • To see if I like it
  • To start something new; a new adventure
  • To document my experience in this new adventure
  • To get in the mindset of blogging (finding my writing style, working my way through the technology of the software, get into the habit)

If I had to say which reason above was the most likely the biggest reason, I would have to say to document my experience.  This will be a good reference if I wanted to blog for keeps or blog for money.

But just starting something I have never done before is so exhilarating!  It’s new, it’s different, and I am outside of my comfort zone.

Let’s not get too much of ourselves.  Keep calm; act like you’ve been here before.  You have had enough blogging for today.  You can play with your “more options” button tomorrow.