The Thief

Time is a thief and I have allowed myself to be its favorite victim.  Has anyone discovered how to successfully tame time?

To-Do List Failure

I have found that making “to-do” lists have been helpful but I have experienced failure in completing the to-do list because more times that not time claims the victory as time runs out before I am able to get to the bottom of the list (even when I add a buffer of time to complete the list).  Time is able to chew up the estimated time to complete a task and the buffer of time built in “just in case” the estimated time is too short. That is failure at a whole new level.

Time Blocking

I am going to try a new weapon that I am going to add to my time-slashing arsenal.  It may not be a new concept but it is new to me.  It is called “time-blocking” and it is the reverse of a to-do list.  Instead of making a list and estimating the time it takes to complete a task, the time blocking method blocks a certain amount of time to get the task completed and organizes my day in a series of time slots.

Productive Times

With the time-blocking method, I identify parts of my day when I am very productive and times of the day that just aren’t productive for me.  I am a morning person so I start out strong and can get a lot done in the morning but as the day goes on my giddy-up gets-gone.  So hopefully the time-blocking method will allow me to slot some time in the morning for tasks and maybe I can get more time at the end of the day for me.


The concept of time-blocking promotes focus on the task and completing a task within the slotted time instead of just completing a task so that I move on to the next task.

So this looks good in theory; who thinks it will be successful?

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