Sugar and Spice Alphabetized is Nice

Today a slayed a monster.  I completed the dreaded task of organizing the spice cabinet. I have two full shelves of spices and I am certain that is more spices than the average home.

This task was enlightening because I realized that being unorganized was part of the problem that caused the cabinet to be more crowded.  I found four bottles of cloves and because the bottles are so small I couldn’t find them in my overcrowded  unorganized cabinet so I would buy more cloves.

I wrote a little poem to describe my adventure in slaying the monster.  I hope you like it.

The spice cabinet below is crowded and scattered
It needed to be organized just because it mattered

The spices were pulled from the cabinet in droves
Why in the world are there four bottles of cloves?

The scent of cinnamon sweetly filled the air
As each jar and bottle was sorted with care

A B C D the alphabetizing had begun
starting with Allspice; ending with Tarragon

Some spices were old and thrown into the trash
Others were brand new and will save me some cash

With the task complete it feels so divine
I deserve to open that bottle of wine


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