Kitchen Kick

My inspiration for the kitchen, like everything else, is taken from somewhere else.  This time I am using my sister’s kitchen with its neat uncluttered drawers and its spacious cabinets.

I don’t have spacious cabinets in my kitchen but I can make the inside of my cabinets look spacious by limiting the items in them.

Let’s take it from the top — the top cabinets were my first target.  They are also the least overcrowded except for one cabinet where the cans that have been in the cabinet so long they are leaving rust rings on the shelf.

Closing my eyes and mentally putting on my “get it done” self, I began to pull out anything I no longer needed or would use until the contents in the cabinet were no longer touching.  I organized the remaining “deemed worthy to stay” items into like categories and it is good.

I will be decluttering the countertops and drawers together but that will have to wait for another day because my hour is up.

Does anyone have a trick to keeping the cabinets looking this nice and not going back into its clutter stage again?

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