The Closet

Nothing exciting to report on the bedroom closet organization.  I have done it before and it requires few decisions and can be completed by answering questions:

  1. What is this article of clothing?
  2. Have I worn it in the past year?  If no, skip to final question 5 below.
  3. If yes, then will I wear it again?  If no, skip to final question 5 below.
  4. If yes, put it back on the rod and skip question 5; your done with that piece.
  5. If no, is the condition good enough for someone else to wear or should it be thrown away? Place item in the appropriate chosen pile (donate or throw away); your done with that piece.

Mentally putting on my “Get It Done” self, I did the five steps above for each article hanging in the closet.  I kept a vision in my head on how I wanted the closet to look when the job was done.

My vision was taken from a magazine picture where the clothes in the picture were hanging freely and not crammed in between other clothes and sticking out in every direction.  The magazine pictures had the clothes categorized by type (shirts, slacks, suit coats, etc.) and organized by color (dark to light).

Mission accomplished and I did not even use the full hour I allotted for the job.  I was pleased with the results and boxed up the items for donation and stuffed the ragged clothes into a garbage bag and out they went.

The box of donated clothes were placed in the trunk of my car and will remain there until I know for certain that my “Get It Done” self was not overly zealous and decided to donate clothes that were still loved more than anticipated.

I will drive around with the donation box in the trunk of my car for one month and then it goes to the donation center.

Moving on to the dresser and night stand with my vision for how each will look when I am done.

Once the bedroom is finished, do I dare move on to the kitchen?!  That would mean . . . gulp! . . . I will have to organize/alphabetize the spices!

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