So I am moving on to my next adventure which is to Minimize My Mess (that will be referred to from now on as MMM).  I am aware that having clutter has cost me time which is something that I don’t have enough of.  In order to gain time I will have to give up some time to get rid of the clutter.

This is going to be a monumental task so I am going to follow that old expression — “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”  So here is the plan:

  • The house will be broken down by rooms
    • Each room will be broken down by zones (drawers, shelves, closets, upper areas/lower areas, cabinets, dressers, etc.).
    • The smaller the zone the better because time needs to be limited to one hour from start to finish at the most.
  • Before starting to MMM I need to have a vision on how I want it to look when I am done. How much space to I want have left and how minimum do I want the space to look.
  • When I begin to MMM I need to have the right mind set so I have to find my “get it done” personality.  The part of me that is “no nonsense” with strong decision skills.
  • At the end of my MMM I will have excess clutter that I will need to dispose of so the excess will be divided into sell, donate and toss categories and I will post the sell items on a website and if it does not sell in one month it gets transferred to the donate or toss category.

I like the plan.  It is short and I think it has the tools I need to be successful.  My tools include a target (zones); a timing goal (one hour per zone); vision; mindset; and an end game.

I will start small with a zone that will not overwhelm me from the beginning and I know I will gain speed/strength as I get energy from seeing how nice it is to be without clutter.

The first zone is my bedroom closet because I have done this area before and know that I will only have donate and toss decisions on this one.

Here I go!

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