The Start

Exciting!  This is a perfect time to start a blog because it is spring and for me that means new!  I have never blogged before so I don’t know how this will go.  It could be a burden or my new addiction.  Whichever way this goes doesn’t matter right now because I am excited about this new adventure at this moment.

I have several reasons for starting this blog which are:

  • To see if I like it
  • To start something new; a new adventure
  • To document my experience in this new adventure
  • To get in the mindset of blogging (finding my writing style, working my way through the technology of the software, get into the habit)

If I had to say which reason above was the most likely the biggest reason, I would have to say to document my experience.  This will be a good reference if I wanted to blog for keeps or blog for money.

But just starting something I have never done before is so exhilarating!  It’s new, it’s different, and I am outside of my comfort zone.

Let’s not get too much of ourselves.  Keep calm; act like you’ve been here before.  You have had enough blogging for today.  You can play with your “more options” button tomorrow.

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